Brussels 2014

London 2014

(Y)Our Future London 2014 is the UK component of a EU-wide campaign to tackle youth unemployment across Europe. For the UK, London, (Y)Our Future London takes place in May 2014.

With a team of young and successful young people, many raised in similarly labeled ‘tricky’ boroughs of London, the (Y)our Future London event tackles youth unemployment issues through mentorship, leadership and fellowship. Its simple objective is to put young people in touch with practitioners, leaders and young people with promise and positions of power with those still developing and on their way up.

The two day event invites 20-25 youth delegates in London to follow a one day training session and act as mentors for the 40-50 young people of Haringey and neighbouring boroughs to attend the ‘Human Library’ on the second day of the two day event.

The Human Library is a day of access to top practitioners in their respective fields be it law, media, entertainment, publishing, academia, international organisations such as the EU and INGOs, Arts, social enterprise amongst many others. The emphasis is also on showing young people that these experts are similar to them – in their backgrounds, upbringings and beginnings and that they have proved there is no limit to what they can achieve.

It gives young people a chance to talk with the professionals, ask them questions about their industry, their backgrounds and their journeys. It is a simple concept with potentially far reaching motivational and influential consequences.

We will also ensure the project is sustainable by appointing those 25 youth delegates as mentors to continue contact with the 40-50 young people who take part in the event.

We are currently looking for sponsors and donors and key motivational speakers professionals in their fields with a passion for youth and youth development in such areas of London.

Our network includes MEPs from Brussels, international organisations and a working team of top university graduates, experts and specialists from all over Europe.

Join us in our fight against youth unemployment. Find our event on Facebook or sign up.